Black Hole Jesus Christ | Greet Death


Andrew Younker

Greet Death (FKA Pines), a slowcore/shoegaze band out of Flint, Michigan, has a knack for long, winding tracks that hit heavy and never relent. Their latest release, Dixieland, is a nine track LP filled to the brim with melancholic energy and sludge. Before their set at the Pike Room in Pontiac a week back, frontman Logan Gaval kindly requested that the stage lights be turned off. Confusion from the unaware turned into hypnotic admiration as they began their first enveloping track in near darkness.

“Black Hole Jesus Christ” is a twisted song of religion or romance with lyrics that would make your mother gasp. Gaval’s vocals float right in the melodic pocket, blending with the heavy guitars and pounding kick drum. The second half of the song is a masterful shoegaze crescendo, reminiscent of a tropical nightmare with lead guitars arpeggiating and straining out every note. The drums pick up volume rather than speed, almost meteorically. This is a song that begs to be stretched way past its six minute mark, but Greet Death shows some restraint and decides to let the live performance run longer.

Dixieland is full of well- produced, homegrown noise rock if you need that niche filled. If you find yourself fiending to see them live, they are on tour with Mover Shaker. Check the dates here.

Watch them play it live at the Pike Room, here