Love$ick | Mura Masa feat. A$AP Rocky


Jonathan Shead

Alex Crossan, the British DJ more famously known under his moniker Mura Masa, has certainly been busy over the last year, working on his debut self-titled album and recruiting a handful of A-list artists, including Charli XCX, Designer and Damon Albarn, in the process. The album, available on all streaming platforms now, mixes influences of house, drum and bass, and trap, with steel drum melodies shining through on almost every track. Coupled with the list of features it has, the album makes a great first impression as Mura Masa’s debut into what seems to be promising career ahead of him.

On “Love$ick,” the third track from the album, Mura Masa collaborates with A$AP Rocky on a newer version of one of his previous tracks titled “Lovesick Fuck” which came out in 2015. The song features Rocky rapping elegantly over a mixture of Caribbean style melodies and electro-house beats. It also has enough air horn in it for the entire album, but I’m not necessarily saying that’s a bad thing.

Sitting at 3:12 long, A$AP Rocky has enough time to spit two beautifully crafted verses about lost love, while also using a fair share of ad-libs, such as when he raps, “I ain’t talking about Mastercards, debit card either / credit charge / Kermit the frog / margaritas,” to show off his versatility. “Love$ick,” with its catchy up-tempo beats, proves itself to be a standout track on an album with a lot of strong contenders. Give the full album a listen to see which track you like best.