Somewhere | Wild Cub


Autumn Miller

After a three year hiatus, Nashville-based indie-rock band Wild Cub is back with a vengeance. Finding success in their single “Thunder Clatter” back in 2013 after being featured in a Bose commercial seemed to slow the group down for a while- but the boredom finally appeared to get the best of them. Filed under the same category as bands like Ra Ra Riot and Smallpools, their sound can be compared to that syrupy-sweet feeling that’s only felt on a really warm spring day. Bottling this up is something they’re pros at, and their usage of it is obviously evident on their newest single, “Somewhere,” which was released this past Friday.

While lyrics like “With a line upon light for you / I’ll catch time for you” pull subtly at the heartstrings, the real catch in the song is its vibrant instrumentals. At first listen, it’s only natural that your ears pay sole attention to the backing trumpets that pay homage to an authentic big band sound, along with the percussion that sprinkles all over the chorus. The combination of these two elements alone feeds dancing feet, appeasing all indie-rock lovers in existence. With June quickly approaching, this track is one of those sun-soaked ones that accompanies you when you’re in the warm-weathered mindset.

Though no slated album release date is available yet, keep your eyes peeled for Wild Cub throughout the second half of 2017.