Want You Back | HAIM


Autumn Miller

It’s been a very, very long time since the music world has found a new spot for music from the San Fernando Valley, born-and-raised sisterly trio, HAIM. Or at least it’s surely felt like it. After basking in the success brought on by their freshman album, Days Are Gone, released back in September 2013, the power-pop group ventured off the map for a bit. Before fans could grow too worrisome about the sisters’ return, the group decided to bless the ears of all with the release of their new single, “Want You Back,” just last Wednesday.

Honing the same three-part vocal harmony that they’re infamous for, yet tinkering with the lyrical composition, “Want You Back” is an uptempo ballad detailing a past relationship that should’ve thrived in the future. Lines like “And I know that I ran you down/ So you ran away with your heart,” reveal the remaining dismay due to a lost love, but lyrics like this are slightly atypical for the group. Usually exuding a bad-ass, independent vibe, found on songs like “My Song 5” and “Don’t Save Me,” love songs aren’t common in the group’s reserve. The fact that they’re experimenting with them isn’t a complaint though- the execution of this revamp is nearly seamless. Dousing a sappier song with groovy beats and snappy guitars keeps the track edgy, and retains that certain, infinite feel that the sisters established back in 2013.

Something to Tell You, HAIM’s sophomore studio album, is set to release on July 7th through Polydor Records. While this is still two months away, keeping us fans on our toes, I know that Alana, Este, and Danielle are ready to come back with a bang in an attempt to payback for this hiatus, making this glorious wait so worth it. In the meantime, check out the live version of another song appearing off the new album, “Right Now.”