June | Tigers Jaw

Jonathan Shead

“June,” the second single off Tigers Jaw’s forthcoming album Spin, serves as further proof that current members Ben Walsh and Brianna Collins aren’t ready to quit making music just yet. Despite losing their drummer, bassist and guitar player back in 2013, the band’s two recently released singles, “Guardian” and now “June,” haven’t lost the duo’s emotionally-driven, soft-rock sounds that many fans find solace in.

“June” opens with a easy, three-chord, upbeat guitar melody backed by the heavy crashing of cymbals and snare pushing the song forward. The song, a tribute to sticking by friends through everything, carries the same careless optimism that is central to the band’s personality. Unlike most of the band’s discography, Collins, who hadn’t written a song for the band before this one, is predominantly featured as lead vocalist on the track. Collin’s gentle, yet driven voice glides over the track’s simple instrumentals in perfect harmony, giving fans a glimpse of the beauty the duo is able to create on their own. Contrasted with “Guardian,” which Walsh sings lead on, “June” makes us wonder if the whole album will balance this back and forth vocal-sharing between the two. We hope to hear more of Collin’s pure vocal strength as the band continues making music, but even if we don’t, at least fans can be sure the band won’t be straying away from their original sound anytime soon.

Spin, the band’s fifth studio album, is set to release on May 19 through Black Cement Records. Walsh and Collins plan to set off on a U.S. tour on the same day. It’s unclear if the duo plans to add any other members following the release of the album, but they will be joined on tour by Luke Schwartz, of Make and Do Mend, on bass and Pat Benson, of Polar Bear Club, on guitar.