Small Parks Talks “Honest Light” and Their Love for Lansing


Sarah Beltran

Our favorite neighborhood boys are getting a fresh take as they say goodbye to their original guitarist, Josh Talo. Along with the release of their first full length album, Honest Light, last year, Small Parks has really been taking off, after nearly five years of debuting in the Lansing music scene.

Their sound puts an indie spin on punk rock, with surprising moments of highs and lows. Spontaneous rhythms and creative song layouts, combined with relatable poetry, are the key to Honest Light. Using this spontaneity in their creation process, the band can vary from the usual emo or punk band, locking in new listeners. The lead singer and guitarist, James Radick, said each person’s unique connection to their songs is considered a success and one of their main goals.

This is apparent just by talking with them. Meeting a more grounded group of guys who simply love music would be near impossible. Their excitement for not only their experience, but their audience’s experience as well, is infectious. They make you feel like a long time friend whether they are telling you about their first Blink 182 CD, or playing “Sorry, Dad” for you and the rest of the venue.

Even though they still have room to grow musically, they’ve have really found a beautiful niche in their sound, and it only proves their potential. I look forward to seeing what they create with this fresh energy, using Honest Light as a launching pad for more great music to come.

You can catch up with Radick and the rest of the band by checking out our exclusive Small Parks interview above.