Baby Don’t Believe | Tennis


Sarah Beltran

With the release of their latest album last Friday, Tennis has blessed our ears with a gem. “Baby Don’t Believe” bears the unreal retro vibe that the musical duo is so famous for, but gives their sound a new direction. Commenting on their own lyrics, the band says that they’re now approaching a stream-of-consciousness style—a new route in songwriting for them. This seems to work advantageously for the two in the realm of sound, because they also state that it is, sonically, their “proudest moment on the record.”

While the majority of their songs usually seem to be channeling 60s girls’ groups, giving hints of The Shangri-Las, “Baby Don’t Believe” gets a bit groovier. While still dreamlike with its surf-rock and lo-fi sound, it doesn’t float as lightly as the bulk of the couple’s other works. The bass is more grounding, with its repetition giving the rhythm a swaying motion. Moving away from their daytime sailboat jams, Tennis gives us a darker tone that slowly rocks on the water when the sky is going purple and black in the “heat of the night.”