Kinda Bonkers | Animal Collective


Travis Root

No one has ever accused Animal Collective of taking themselves too seriously.

Released alongside an uncomfortably anthropomorphic lyric video on February 13th, “Kinda Bonkers” is the opening track of the quartet’s upcoming release, The Painters EP, out on Friday. A companion to last year’s divisive Painting With (having been recorded at around the same time), the EP promises alternate developments of the band’s shapeshifting style.

The lead track hums through the kind of smooth, gentle groove largely absent from their last outing; Eastern-textured percussion, droning strings and a general lack of heavy bass synths are also a clear shift. Singer Avey Tare’s voice is sparsely the characteristic Animal Collective shout, instead opting for a softer croon that occasionally dips into a clenched-teeth moan. It’s organic, it’s unique, and well, kinda bonkers.

The Painters EP is set to release on Friday, February 17. In the meantime, check out “Kinda Bonkers.”