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The State – 04/16/24
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The State – 04/15/24
April 15, 2024
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Your Favorite Artists React to the 2016 Election Results


The opinions expressed in this article are that of the writer and not of Impact 89fm.
Photo from Mad Butcher Records. 

Early in the morning on November 9th, 2016, Donald J. Trump, reality star and unsuccessful business man, was elected president of our country. Whatever implications that has for you, I’m sorry. If there are none, I urge you to consider how your brothers and sisters feel. I urge you to ask yourself why there are people in mourning today.

Upon such a polarizing and shocking event, artists will deviate from their subject matter to enforce a sentiment they believe is crucial. The response from musicians this election season has been overwhelming. Lets revisit them before the inauguration.

Lady Gaga comforts those with fear in their hearts.

Mitski offers her performances as an intentional place of healing and solidarity.



Natalie Prass posts a picture to her Instagram of organizations that might be of service during the new administration.



Finally, Nahko (Fontman for Nahko, and Medicine for the People,) posts this to facebook:


Aho to all the allies out there standing in solidarity with us :

Via @Daniel Garcia

To my female friends, my black friends, my Hispanic/Latino friends, my Muslim friends, my Native American friends, my LGBTQ+ friends, my immigrant friends, my undocumented friends, my poor friends, my disabled friends.

I am so grateful to have such a long list of friends. I am so grateful for the diversity in my life. I am so grateful that I have experienced the blessings of empathizing, of listening, and of changing, again and again. Thanks to you.

If the government turns on you. If the corporations and legislators turn on you. If half of the country turns on you. If walls and mobs surround you. I will not leave you.

I am grateful for any historic moment that reminds me that your issues are my issues. And I pray that in every moment of decision where I can do what’s easy or I can do what’s right, I will find the courage to do what’s right, now more than ever.

Please hold me to that. And please don’t ever feel alone.

PLEASE SHARE for all these people to know we are united with them, do not lose heart


This is something that seems very polarizing for celebrities with a lot of huge names actively standing against a Trump presidency. However, Tila Tequila has personally called herself a Trump supporter and Kid Rock has gone as far as to make Trump themed tour merch.

But never fear, we also have a strong reaction from possible 2020 election candidate Kanye West.

Anti-inauguration events are taking place in the next few days:
NO THANKS: A Night of Anti-Fascist Sounds in the Capital of the USA / Washington D.C.
Featuring Waxahatchee (solo), ​Sadie Dupuis, Pure Disgust, Flasher, Free Children of Earth, Priests, Evan Greer, Marc Ribot, Aflo-Centric, Irreversible Ways Ensemble (Luke Stewart, Camae Ayewa, Mark Cisneros, Keir Neuringer, Jamal Moore, Anthony Pirog, Janel Leppin, Ian McColm ), Mellow Diamond, Annie Stokes Band, Jonny Grave, Abby Martin, Ruby Corado, and Kevin Erickson

Show Up! a free concert hosted by Planned Parenthood and All Access / Washington D.C.
Featuring Common and The National, with special guests. 


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