Graveyard Girl | M83


Sarah Dropsey

Though there isn’t anything particularly spooky about it, the title of this tune helps you get into the spirit of Halloween — courtesy of ambient-pop fan favorites and fabulously French duo, M83.

“Graveyard girl,” from M83’s 2008 release Saturdays = Youth, tells the story of an outcast high-school girl who finds solace in the cemetery and “worships Satan like a father.” Nothing really bloodcurdling or bone chilling, but definitely a little creepier than the rest of M8’s lyrics.

Even though it doesn’t exactly send shivers down your spine, consider adding “Graveyard girl” to your Halloween mix or party playlist. It won’t spook your guests, but it’s pretty fun to dance to.

So this is me wishing a Happy Halloween to all you graveyard girls and boys.