Father John Misty talks and talks some more


Anna Gustafson

Patiently waiting for Father John Misty to disclose any more information on his disappearance from social media, this morning at 10 am my dreams came true. Misty interviewed with the New Yorker Festival prior to his show in the city tonight.

A viewer of the interview, Kelly Conobay from Stereogum, was overwhelmed as he talked about his favorite Slovakian philosopher and popular Marxist Slavoj Žižek.

This escalates as the artists spends the entirety of the 90 minute interview as a platform for himself. Warning them at the 20 minute mark saying, “damn I can’t believe you guys bought tickets to this.”

Never one to avert attention from controversy, Misty admits he believes The Steven Colbert Show “sucks,” — a comedian he recently collaborated with.

He wrote a lullaby for the comedian’s show — which never aired — about burning piles of dead birds and other morbidity. You can listen to his lullaby for The Colbert Show here. The song is phenomenal.

He continues to confess he is a bad husband, “Judd apatow is the worst,” “Kanye West’s fashion line is bad,” and “satirical news is very bad.”

This happened after his previous show where he spoke for the duration of the performance instead of performing.

He played 2 songs.