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The Low Down: Burger Records


The Low Down is a new series focusing on giving you the 411 on record labels and venues. Feel free to comment below with a suggestion — we’d love to feature your favorite record company or concert venue!

What is it?

Burger Records describes themselves on their Facebook page as “a rock n roll philanthropic quasi-religious borderline-cultish propaganda spreading group of suburban perma-teen mutants!!!”

The New York Times dubs them “Garage Rock’s Latest Nerve Center.”

It’s a store and a label all wrapped into one. Multi-functional. One where the cassette revival thrives and CD’s are an unspoken Other.

When was it founded?

  1. Thee makeout party! founded the label because they really, really love music.

Here’s a little video from the burger boys:

Where is it?

Fullerton, California but it’s reach is worldwide. I mean, look at these inspirational tweets:





The inside of Burger Records, according to Ben Ratliff of The New York Times, is “a place where someone might have had fun last night, and the night before: mint-green walls, gig fliers, records everywhere, toys and stuffed animals, a few turntables and a cat and a battered couch.”

Who’s a member?

Ty Segall –



Cherry Glazerr:


Together PANGEA –

Hinds –


What is the cassette revolution?

Cassettes allow for hands-on interaction with music — the ability to physically move it in the way you want it. They’re founded in collaboration. Collectors Weekly describes the early days by saying “cassette labels put out all these really strange compilations with industrial, noise, weird pop. There’d be fantastic musicians, and people who couldn’t play anything, all in one cassette.”

Issue Magazine has the low-down: “The guys behind Burger Records don’t do CDs, they’re sticking with the vinyl and cassette tapes of their youth. An anomaly or a novelty—either way it’s working for them—in part, because they don’t act like any other record label. And mostly because of their pure enthusiasm for good music. Music and burgers.”

What other forms of media does the label use?

Burgerama – This music festival has headlined with Weezer, Ariel Pink, The Black Lips, Mac DeMarco and more. It takes place at The Observatory in Santa Ana. 2016 marks its 4th year.

BRGTV – This is the labels official Youtube channel.

Burger Radio – This is Burger’s Rock n’ Roll Radio Show ! It’s released in episodes and you can listen here: http://burger.podomatic.com/

Etsy – If you want any kind of cool merch, the label has its very own Etsy story.

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