The Undercurrent-5/27/16-S3E1-Another Chance


Another Chance

This week on The Undercurrent, we kick off our third season! Daniel Rayzel takes over as show host to bring you a new theme for every new episode.

Today’s stories focus on people who give Another Chance to those who are looking for one.

Our first story comes from reporter Naina Rao, who heard about the Lansing Bike Co-op when she needed it most.

After that, host Daniel Rayzel meets with a doctor at Pain Recovery Solutions who previously suffered from addiction. Now, he treats it.

Reporter Cole Tunningley chats with Crystal Young, who spotlights Lansing residents in her online fashion magazine.

And to close off the show, we dig up a story from the News Team archives. Quin Hoffman shares a story on how a new dog and a new uncle entered his life.