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Go! | M83


I like rock n’ roll. My favorite band  is Pavement  — something all of my friends or really anyone I talk music to ever knows painfully well — and when the Magic Stick in Detroit closed down to make space for an EDM venue, a piece of my heart walked out and never came back.

So why am I writing about a synth-pop single with EDM tendencies and 80s retro vibes and why would I recommend it to you?

Because it’s fun, that’s why.

Now, not all music that is fun is necessarily good. I may enjoy Limp Bizkits Break Stuff for a multitude of not-so-good reasons, but I would never tell anybody else to purposely listen to it. But with Go! — the first single off of the recently released LP Junk — I can only come up with a list of reasons why you should listen to it.

The retro synths manage to signify both the past and future at the same time. The featured Mai Lan vocals perfectly match the energy of the song, remaining calm and soft within the verses, but practically chanting and  driving the chorus. Even the EDM drop’s — predictable as it is ­— spoken countdown manages to command your full attention.

The drop gives way to a ridiculous Steve Vai guitar solo that easily sticks out as one of my favorite musical moments of this year…so far. I suppose the solo is a bit rock n’ roll, something that might explain why I fell for this song in the first place. But I stand by what I said earlier, a fun song is a fun song, and youd be hard-pressed to get through Go! without a smile.

(Note from the Author: It took every ounce of my being to not type something along the lines of You should Go! Listen to this song somewhere in this JOTD. But now Ive gone and said it. I dont ask for your respect but at least know I half-tried.)

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