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Songs for a Rainy Day


Growing up in the mostly arid state of Wyoming, rainy days were a beloved rarity. It was exciting to wake up to the drab light pouring into my window and the muted roar of raindrops falling relentlessly on the roof. I would become more appreciative of everything: my cozy blankets, the wood stove burning steadily a floor below me, and, of course, the library of music on my phone. The best of the slow and emotional tracks in that music collection would become the storm’s soundtrack as I settled in for a comfortable and sleepy day at home. These songs also doubled as consolation when I had metaphorical rainy days. Their wistful tones and relatable lyrics were the perfect therapy for an angsty teenager. So in honor of those versatile tracks, here are five of the best songs for a rainy day.


Jesus Christ by Brand New 

“Jesus Christ” by Brand New is the quintessential “rainy day” song. The opening guitar melody, though simple, is enamoring. Each sorrowful note is as powerful and relatable as Jesse Lacey’s soul-wrenching lyrics. It’s a song for when you question everything in your life—even yourself. It’s a song for when you feel like you’ve made one wrong decision too many. And it’s a song for when you want to stay in bed with a cup of tea and watch as the storm rages outside.


Better Vibes by The Plot in You 

The Plot in You has followed an interesting path from playing only heavy songs with chugging down-tuned guitars and guttural vocals in their first EP to much more varied song structures in their latest album Happiness in Self Destruction. Coming from the latter record, “Better Vibes” has the all-too-common theme of a failing relationship. But something about the blunt nature and delivery of Landon Tewers’ lyrics along with the unbelievably catchy chorus sets this song apart. Though “Better Vibes” has the fastest overall tempo of any of the songs on this list, its melancholy feeling is consistent with a rainy day. In fact, its entire album has a dark mood (if you couldn’t tell by the title). I highly recommend Happiness in Self Destruction if you appreciate breakdowns and moshing in between your moments of self-reflection.


Toronto (Unabridged) by Silverstein 

After celebrating their fifteenth anniversary as a band this year, Silverstein is undoubtedly a venerable name in the post-hardcore and emo scenes. “Toronto (Unabridged)” is the closing track of their phenomenal 2015 release, I Am Alive in Everything I Touch. The song’s acoustic composition, which includes a very tasteful use of strings, sets the ideal atmosphere for the lazy joy that seems to accompany the rain. Shane Told’s lyrics speak about the struggle of realizing that the place of your childhood is no longer the place you consider home. It’s an experience that college students especially can relate with.


Your Own Disaster by Taking Back Sunday

“Your Own Disaster” by the once-monumental Taking Back Sunday has an added bonus of nostalgia to accompany its bittersweet mood. The song’s thoughtful tempo practically begs to be played over a downpour. Taking Back Sunday also has a uniquely sarcastic writing style that can bring a smile to your face even while you’re broken hearted. This post-breakup serenade deserves a place on everyone’s rainy day playlist.


Disenchanted by My Chemical Romance 


Last but certainly not least, “Disenchanted” by My Chemical Romance is an honest look into the life experience of a touring musician. Subjects including performing for hundreds of adoring fans, nightly escapades in less-than-wholesome activities, and the crushing realization that none of it truly matters make the song an emotional roller coaster. The lyrics of the song hardly seem relatable to the majority of people, but the jaded disappointment conveyed is universal. Additionally, the musicianship of the song is masterful and lends itself well to the drizzle outside.

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