Nothing Hurts | Wavves & Cloud Nothings


Anna Gustafson

Really, it’s November already? Someone wake up that guy in Green Day…as if you haven’t already heard that joke ten times over.

A not-so-smooth segue, the track that I have been digging the most lately is from the collaboration album between Cloud Nothings and Wavves, No Life For Me. The song “Nothing Hurts” stands out to me immensely, starting quickly with stripped down vocals purring, “It was a mistake for me to call you,” perfectly detailing that “I shouldn’t have sent that last text/call/email” feeling.

This album is especially appealing if you are a long time Wavves fan drawn to the more underproduced garage punk rock sound that seems to be getting a little lost with their newest release. If you need a song to sway lethargically around your bedroom to (what else could you possibly do in your free time?) then this is the one.

The only downside? This track is short. Like, less than two minutes short, so savor it while you can.