#SPOOKYJOTD My Body’s a Zombie For You | Dead Man’s Bones


Makenzie McNeill

For the few days leading up to what is (imo) the best holiday of the year, the Impact’s daily jams have taken a nightmarish turn. Until All Hallow’s Eve has ended, the Spooky Jam of the Day will be haunting the homepage.

First up, it’s “My Body’s a Zombie For You” from the currently silent Dead Man’s Bones whose first and only full-length album was released back in 2009. From front to back, the songs on Dead Man’s Bones tell tales of ghosts, zombies, and all things that go bump in the night, making it the culmination of the Halloween spirit. The Victorian-era drawings featured in this fan-made video are the perfect complement.

The duo consists of none other than Ryan Gosling and his pal Zach Shields who joined musical forces after discovering a mutual obsession for ghosts. Wind chimes, chilling sounds of wind gusts, and the eerie voices of the Silverlake Conservatory of Music‘s children’s choir bring the macabre subject matter to the next level of spookiness.

“My Body’s a Zombie For You” is the epitome of what Dead Man’s Bones has created, and with lyrics like “The smell of my breath / From the blood in your neck,” it’s a great place to begin this week’s Spooky Jam of the Day series.


Watch this video of Dead Man’s Bones and A Warm Glass of Milk Choir performing “Pa Pa Power” for a group of retirement home residents.