Everybody | The Good Life


Hanna Kielar

“Everybody’s riding the Ferris wheel…”

The first line to The Good Life’s “Everybody” is intriguing, and the rest of the stanza continues to detail the progress of a carnival night (I’m picturing something like the fair in The Notebook because, why not?).

The track then continues to comment on wanting to relive certain parts of our lives to feel the thrills again, and looking for closure in the past, which is wholly unsatisfying, mind you.
I love the message of this song: Don’t be a bystander. Don’t get stuck in the past. The hauntingly real lyrics mixed with The Good Life’s sound (a combination of Weezer and Cake with a bit of pop punk thrown in) makes for a great end-of-summer nostalgia track.

The song is from The Good Life’s most recent album, Everybody’s Coming Down.