Pity Party | 7.15.15


Kevin Kortas

Another Wednesday  worth of  emo, punk, and twinkly sad jams.

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Infinity Crush – Honest
Pill Friends – Suffering
Cyberbully Mom Club – Smking To Dth
Euphoria Again – Tied
Mitski – Door
Say Anything (ft. Brian Sella) – Hebrews
Joyce Manor – Leather Jacket
Glocca Morra – Deep Pocket
Free Throw – What Day Is It, October?
Real Friends – I Don’t Love You Anymore
The Wonder Years – Me vs the Highway
New Found Glory – Dig My Own Grave
Foxing – Inuit
Pity Sex – Honey Pot
Snowing – You Bring Something… No
Hop Along – Kids On the Boardwalk
Nana Grizol – Atoms
Paul Baribeau – Eight Letters
Andrew Jackson Jihad – Bad Bad Things
Kind of Like Spitting – Blue Period
Braid – Pre Evergreen
Sunny Day Real Estate – In Circles
Cursive – Bloody Murderer
Krill – Theme From Krill
Girl Pool – Plants And Worms

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Title Fight – Head in the Ceiling Fan
The Story So Far – Nerve
Set Your Goals – summer jam
Refused- Servants of Death
Expire – Expired
Turnstile – Out Of Rage
Make Do and Mend – Oak Square
Citizen – Ring of Chain
All Get Out – All My Friends Are Dead
Daisyhead – I Didn’t Deserve This
Tiny Moving Parts – Boxcar
The Hotelier – The Scope of All This Rebuilding