Sparks | Beach House


Joey Sprow

Beach House, a band often described as a dream pop duo, is pushing the limits of its genre. Not content with the cleanliness of its past two albums, the band strives to dirty up their recordings while maintaining the dreamlike quality of their music.

On “Sparks,” Beach House’s first single off of the upcoming Depression Cherry – due August 28 – this is achieved by keeping the busiest parts of the song quiet. The guitars are distorted to noise rock levels but kept low in the mix, the vocals are dissonant but airy, and the drums sound as if they are being played forcefully somewhere far, far away from everyone else in the band. It is almost funny that a simple organ part is one of the loudest instruments on the track, but it lends the song a dark, hypnotic feel, letting it lurch at forward at a determined pace.

The song is clamorous but Beach House keeps it contained, loud enough to keep you awake but hazy enough to keep you daydreaming.