Smooth Sailin’ | Leon Bridges


Hanna Kielar

It’s summer and I don’t think I need to tell anyone twice…

For those long road trips, the peaceful bonfires, the days spent on the beach, this song is the perfect fit. Personally, I love being able to sing along to whatever is playing, or at least to dance (very poorly) to it.

“Smooth Sailin’” is so easy on the ears that I can’t help but sway and move when I hear it.

While my dancing may not be quite as easy on the eyes, Bridges’ debut album Coming Home features a mix of great summer songs that are sure to please. Bridges has a voice reminiscent of The Four Tops in their 1965 single “Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch”, and if you aren’t singing that in your head right now, you’re lying. So sit back, enjoy a cold drink, and take a trip with Bridges back to simpler times.