Asian Music Mondays 12/01/2015–Welcome back Spartans!

Tonight is a special playlist! Your host Jessica brings a special Japanese edition of Asian Music Mondays! Spend your Monday night with Jessica as she plays your favorites and fusions of genres along with new hot singles from Japan. Your other host Lu is studying abroad in Japan for the Spring Semester and tonight’s playlist is dedicated to him to wishing him luck in Japan!

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Music is a commonly shared interest in several countries.  Japan has a variety of music from Japanese Pop music with AKB48 and Arashi to Japanese Metal with Baby Metal to Japanese Rock with ONE OK ROCK.  Japanese culture is also well known for bizarre inventions. Check out this Buzzfeed video on Americans trying out Japanese beauty products. The concept of beauty widely varies in each country. Most Asian countries strive to achieve a Western influenced style. Would you try out any of these wacky inventions?

  1.  Nogizaka46 – “Seifuku no Mannequin”
  2. Vixx – “Error”
  3. Morning Musume – “Help me!!!”
  4. TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE – “Say Long Goodbye”
  5. Ai Otsuka – “Cherish”
  6. U-KISS – “Tick Tock”
  7. Girls’ Generation – “All my Love is For you”
  8. Super Junior – MAMACITA
  9. 2NE1 – “Crush”
  10. Tohoshinki – “Why Did I fall In Love with You”
  11. AKB48 – “GIVE ME FIVE”
  12. SS501 – “Again”
  13. SKE48 – “12 Gatsu Kangaroo”
  14. Giri Giri Girls – “Kiss Me Tokyo”

1.  Mieko Hirota – “Sunny”

2.  Oginome Yoko – “Wicked”

3.  Asian Kung Fu Generation – Midnight and Daydreams

4.  Mucc – “Monster”

5.  Janne Da Arc – “DOLLS”

6. Bumkey – “Bad Girl”

7.The Brilliant Green – “Stand by Me”

8.  LiSA – “Oath Sign”

9. FLOW – “Sign”

10. ONE OK ROCK – “Mighty Long Fall”