Asian Music Mondays 10/13/2014

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This week on Asian Music Mondays, your hosts Jessica and Lu bring you music from Korea, mainland China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Kazakhstan, Israel and beyond! We’ll hear from Joshua Kim, F.I.R, Jay Chou, Koy Kim, Omer Adam and more!

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T-ARA (티아라) – “Cry Cry”
F.I.R – “The Cresent Moon Bay / 月牙湾”
GPlus ft Gizmo – “Xin Li Anh”
Omer Adam עומר אדם feat. Arisa אריסה – “Tel Aviv / תל אביב
Do As Infinity – “The Deep Forest / 深い森”
浦田直也 Naoya Urata – “Time Goes By”
Sheng Belmonte – “Gigil”

ONE OK ROCK – “Pieces of Me” (J-Rock)
BABYMETAL – “メギツネ / Megitsune” (J-Metal)
DIAURA – “Lost November” (J-Screamo/Rock)
Pak Wankyu 박완규 – “Love Over A Thousand Years / 천년의 사랑”
Joshua Kim 金贵晟 – “Between The Rainbow / 虹之间”
A Lu A Zhuo 阿鲁阿卓 – “Xiang Ru Yi Mo / 相濡以沫”

3.2.1 – “มีอีกไหม / Want More Shawty”
TIEN COOKIE – “Sau Tất Cả / After All”
Mike D. Angelo – “Break You Off Tonight”
Kyla – “Don’t Tie Me Down”
Jo Eun 조은 – “After A Long Time / 한참 지나서”
Ba Song 巴桑 – Ci Ren La Suo / 次仁拉索”
Kesh You – “I’m Glad / Ризамын”
Alamid – “Your Love”
Thank You – “Thank You For Your Love”
Evo Nine – “Superman”
Jolin Tsai 蔡依林 – “Slow Life / 愈慢愈美麗”
Woo Yi Kyung feat. 4minute JiYoon  우이경 feat. 4minute 지윤 – “Look Only At Me / 나만 봐”
Jordan Chan 陈小春 – “Heartless You / 算你狠”
Roy Kim – “12 o’clock”
Jay Chou 周杰伦 – “Rainbow / 彩虹”