Asian Music Mondays 09/01/2014

Tonight we are bidding farewell to the Summer of 2014 and welcoming the Fall.  We will be looking back at this past summer’s top hits in Asian Music. Join us with music from Korea, Mainland China, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Iran and beyond!

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CUSA (Chinese Undergraduate Student Association) is hosting a trip to Cedar Point on Saturday, September 13th.  All students are welcome to join!  The ticket includes round-trip bus transportation and park entrance for $69.  Get your tickets this week:

Tuesday from 5-8 PM in the lobby of Hubbard Hall
Wednesday from 5-8 in the lobby of Brody Hall
Thursday from 5-8 in the lobby of Case Hall

f(x) – “Red Light”
Arashi 嵐 – “誰も知らない / Nobody Knows”
Henry – “Fantastic”Arash – “Iran Iran” (cheer song for Iran in the 2014 World Cup)
NEWS – “ONE-for the win-” (the theme song for the Japan TV series “Brazil 2014”)
Nancy Arjam – “شجع حلمك Shejea Helmak (feat. شاب خالد Cheb Khaled)”
Super Junior – “Victory Korea”
Nakashima Mika feat. Kato Miliyah 中島美嘉×加藤ミリヤ – “Fighter”
Shahzoda Шахзода – “Hands Up (Qo’llar tepaga) / Куллар тепага”
Soda Green 苏打绿 – “他夏了夏天 / Summer! Summer!”
Girl’s Day – “Darling”
Kongar-ol Ondar Ондар Коңгар-оол – “Tuva Groove (Bolur Daa Bol, Bolbas Daa Bol)”
Boyfriend – “Obsession”
Mayday 五月天 – “Eternal Summer / 盛夏光年”

Jung Jun Young 정준영 – “Teenager”
Sirusho Սիրուշո – “The Indifferent World / (Antarber Ashkharh) Անտարբեր Աշխարհ”
Jay Chou 周杰伦 – “Maple Leaf / 枫”
Kangsom แกงส้ม ธนทัต – “ความรักสวยงามเสมอ (Kwarm Ruk Suay Ngarm Sa Mur) / Love Is Always Beautiful”
B.A.P – “Where Are You? What Are You Doing? / 어디니? 뭐하니?”
KIRA 綺羅 – “The Autumn In The Village / 里の秋”
May J. –  “I Believe (feat. Seungri from Big Bang) [Japanese Version]”
Qiang Wang 王强 – “Fall Doesn’t Return / 秋天不回来”
Jung Il-young 정일영 – “Prayer / 기도”
Super Junior – “MAMACITA”
PARC JAE JUNG 박재정 Feat. Beenzino 빈지노 – “ICE ICE BABY / 얼음땡”
KARA 카라 – “Mamma Mia / 맘마미아”
Block B – “HER”
Wakin Chau 周华健 – “Friends / 朋友” (by request)