Pity Party Playlist – 7/30/14


Makenzie McNeill

Pity Party Playlist – 7/30/14

nai harvest – buttercups

somos – familiar theme

capn jazz – easy driver

dowsing – driving

little big league – lindsey

marietta – … so they left me at a gas station

algernon doll – sweet nothing

foxing – rory

moving mountains – seasonal

now, now – prehistoric

sundials – it stands a ground

you blew it! – the one with david (their van just got broken into/lots of stuff stolen, you can find out how to help out here)

leer – spring break

the hotelier – the scope of all of this rebuilding

topbunk – you’re always on e & i worry about you

tiny moving parts – always focused

the sidekicks – baby, baby

look mexico – me and my dad built her (so byzantine)

knapsack – change is all the rage

the front bottoms – au revoir (request for andrew)

my heart to joy – seasons in verse

secret grief – i thought that you would change

all dogs – say

young statues – athens

fall out boy – dead on arrival

the swellers – runaways

pity sex – dogwalk

coping – f for now

into it. over it. – fortunate friends

weatherbox – the fresh prints of bill ayers

kittyhawk – he travels in a suit

dads – bakefast at piffany’s

the menzingers – where your heartache exists