Pity Party Playlist – 7/23/14


Makenzie McNeill

Pity Party Playlist – 7/23/14

One Hundred Year Ocean – Magnetic Curses

Summer Vacation – Post-You

Johnny Foreigner – Candles

Dowsing – What Did You Ever Do?

Nai Harvest – Buttercups

The Get Up Kids – Stay Gone

Waxahatchee – Swan Dive

Runaway Brother – We Don’t Have to Go Home Anymore

Little American Champ – The Romantic

Park Jefferson – MacMailman

No Knife – Swinging Lovers

Jawbox – Breathe

Daisyhead – Numbing Truth

Sleep in. – I Do Know and I’m Not Sorry

Desaparecidos – Manana

Joyce Manor – In the Army Now

Pet Symmetry – Please Don’t Tell My Father That I Used His 1996 Honda Accord To Destroy The Town Of Willow Grove, Pennsylvania in 2002

The Sidekicks – Day-Staring

Saves the Day – Freakish

R.L. Kelly – Everything’s Cool

American Football – For Sure

Annabel – Always

Sundials – 710

The Early November – Something That Produces Results

La Dispute – Said the King to the River

Boys Night Out – Waking

Hey Mercedes – Quality Revenge At Last

The Anniversary – The D In Detroit

The Please & Thank Yous – It’s What You Think

Prawn – Grass and Bones

Hidden In Plain View – The Point

Taking Back Sunday – Cute Without the “E” (request for Claudia)

Further Seems Forever – Just Until Sundown (request for Will)

Now, Now – But I Do