The Basement – 6/19/14

The Basement - 6/19/14

Kyle Pacynski

Hey all. Thanks for tuning in to Kyle’s guest host of The Basement. No bands in tonight, but here’s tonight’s playlist:

Mike Mains & the Branches – Calm Down, Everything Is Fine

The Class Acts – Something Good

Lights & Caves – Manchy

Cheap Girls – Knock Me Over

The Hard Lessons – Wicked Man

Decades – Grand Haven

Wayne Szalinski – Thanks For Nothing, Becky Gelke

His Name Is Alive – The Wolf Put His Mouth On Me

Hollow & Akimbo – Fever Dreams

Jamaican Queens – Water

Deastro – Greens, Grays, and Nordics

Stepdad – My Leather, My Fur, My Nails

The Soil & the Sun – Who Is He, Anyway?

The Delightfuls – Eventually the Present Is Past

Natively Foreign – The Forest

Empire! Empire! – The Hour of Pearl

Frontier Ruckus – Mount Marcy

Nathan Alan – Rusted Wine

Jack White – Three Women

The Brave Youth – The Other Side


Pity Sex – Drown Me Out

The Fever Haze – I’m Glad/You’re Glad/I’m Glad

Small Parks – Sorry Dad

Bangups – Hey Almighty

The Reptilian – Bulls On Patron

Child Bite – White Bull From the Sea

Pulp Culture – Cognitive Dissonance

Braided Veins – On the Limits of Tomorrow

The Most Dangerous Animal – Do Not Resuscitate

Nice Hooves – Some Nerve