Pity Party – 6/4/14


Kyle Pacynski

Thanks for tuning in to Kyle’s guest host of Pity Party. Here’s tonight’s playlist:

Modest Mouse – Custom Concern

The Summer We Went West – Jackson Hole, WY

Saves the Day – Nightingale

The Early November – Sesame Shmeshame

Sunny Day Real Estate – One

The One Up Downstairs – Ferdinand the Bull

Dowsing – World’s Finest Chocolate

Annabel – Forever

Send Away Stranger – Am I Serious?

Bad Books – Forty Two

Sharks Keep Moving – Join Up

City and Colour – What Makes A Man?

Special Explosion – Past Nasty

Cursive – The Sun and the Moon

This Day & Age – History Is Falling for Science

Taking Back Sunday – You’re So Last Summer

Straylight Run – Mistakes We Knew We Were Making

Free Throw – Lavender Town

Native – Backseat Crew

These Arms Are Snakes – Prince Squid

Chiodos – One Day Women Will All Become Monsters

Rescuer – Matrimony

Hawthorne Heights – Speeding Up the Octaves

The Kidcrash – Until the Light Kills the Film

This Town Needs Guns – Baboon

Look Mexico – Done and Done

Weatherbox – The Fresh Prints of Bill Ayers

Snowing – So I Shotgunned A Beer and Went to Bed

Small Parks – Sorry, Dad

Brave Bird – Killer Velocity

The Fever Haze – Clara’s In Her Dress