Pity Party Playlist – 5/14/14


Makenzie McNeill

Pity Party Playlist – 5/14/14

Thanks for listening tonight! You will be missed as I spend the next 5 weeks adventuring through the Isles, but Kyle and Stacey will hold you tight during my absence. Here is what you heard:

Moving Mountains – Burn Pile

Annabel – The Age of Possibilities

Marietta – …so They Left Me At a Gas Station

Small Parks – Five Dollar Words

Ovlov – The Well

Mineral – WalkingToWinter

Adventures – Walking

Mansions – Climbers (request)

Ma Jolie – Brace, Smile

Daylight – Sponge (request)

Whippersnapper – Stand Your Grand

Polar Bear Club – WLWYCD

Runaway Brother – Summer / Autumn

algernon cadwallader. – katie’s conscious.

Lemuria – Hawaiian T-Shirt

The Front Bottoms – Peach

Sorority Noise – Blonde Hair, Black Lungs

Special Explosion – friends with jane

Captain We’re Sinking – Curse These Long Dancers Legs

Big Kids – Reflecting on Ejection

Little Big League – Lindsey

Shorthand – Ten Toes

Cap’n Jazz – Sergio Valente

The Anniversary – Til We Earned A Holiday

Joyce Manor – Catalina Fight Song

Basement – Spoiled

Sleep in. – I Do Know and I’m Not Sorry

Frameworks – Loom

Citizen – How Does It Feel?

Paramore – Whoa

Deer Leap – Coffee and Keys

The Menzingers – Hearts Unknown

Blue Sky Archives – Crash Your Face

Brand New – Jude Law and a Semester Abroad (lol nailed it)