Asian Invasion 02/24/2014

Tonight we’re hanging out in the studio with Tangel and Jason, we’ll also hear from Love X Stereo, Glen Check, and Rock ‘N Roll Radio, who will be playing live at The Pike Room in Pontiac on Tuesday, March 24!

You can also check out Mayday live in Chicago at the Auditorium Theatre on Monday, March 24th!

Love X Stereo – “Fly Over”
Glen Check – “I’ve Got This Feeling”
Rock ‘N Roll Radio – “One Week”
The Flowers – “穷开心 / Pure Happy”
T-ara – “나 어떡해 / (Do You Know Me) What Should I Do?”
Magic Power – “不按牌理出牌/ Unexpected Move”
Girls Generation – “My Oh My”
Mayday – “倉頡 / Cangjie”
2NE1 – “그리워해요 / Missing You”
Big Bang – “하루하루 / Haru Haru” (by request)
Kara – “2Night”
G.E.M. – “泡沫 / Bubble” (by request)
Show Lo – “呛司呛司 / Chance Chance” (by request)
Hebe Tian – “不醉不会 / Learning From Drunk”

Taeyang – “Ringa Linga” (by request)
Jay Chou – “听妈妈的话 / Listen To Mom’s Words” (by request)
IU – “Modern Times”
All Star – “万万没想到 / Unexpected Surprise” (by request)
Ann – “是什么让我遇见这样的你 / What Brings Me To You” (by request)
Sodagreen – “你在煩惱什麼 / What’s The Trouble On Your Mind”
Mayday – “乾杯 / Cheers” (by request)
Joanna Wang – “一生守候 / A Lifetime of Waiting” (by request)
Dynamic Duo – “Airplane Mode (feat. Lee Joohan, Haewon, Simon D.)”
831 – “钢铁人 / Iron Man” (by request)
Chang Chen-yue – “思念是一种病 / Sick of Missing You” (by request)
G.E.M. – “奇迹 / Miracle” (by request)
f(x) – “여우 같은 내 친구 / No More”