Sit or Spin 2/16/14

Finally able to be heard from the radio, Sit or Spin was fun and sassy tonight. Thanks to all the callers, tweeters and listeners!


Ghost – Jeremy Messersmith: spin

New York Morning – Elbow: sit

Checked In – Cibbo Matto: spin

To Hold an Ocean – Snowmine: sit

Dark Dance – Kim Vi: spin

Badillac – together PANGEA: sit

Envy – Breton: spin

I Wanna Dance (But I Don’t Know Hot) – SKATERS: spin

Spooky Action At A Distance: spin

Rock and Roll – Andre Cymone: sit

Manners – New Mardrid: spin

Together – Sam Smith: spin

Lost Boys and Girls Club – Dum Dum Girls: sit

American Horror – Speedy Ortiz: spin

Unkinder (A Tougher Love) – Thumpers: spin