From the Archives: A Rose Bowl Flashback

If you’re a true Spartan, everything is still smelling like roses to you and you’re still feeling some type of way after the surreal MSU win at the Granddaddy of Them All. Looking at the picture above, it would seem that the same could be said about MSU students from the last time we were at the Rose Bowl back in ’88.

The story behind this image? Over Holiday Break, a seemingly routine cleaning of our storeroom turned into something out of National Treasure when we discovered crates and crates of old request sheets, advertisements, and other retro Impact documents. Most of these items are from a time before the Impact was even called the Impact. What a coincidence that these two ads reappeared a quarter century later when MSU would return to the Rose Bowl for a stunning win.

Want to know more about the station’s history? Want to know what WLFT could be? Keep an eye out for more treasures from our archives leading up to Impact 89FM’s 25th birthday next month!