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How many times have classic rock bands reunited only to create nothing of any substance? Far too many. But in the case of blink-182, they have returned to put out music that will stand the test of time. Out of all the singles the trio has put out for their upcoming album, ONE MORE TIME…, “DANCE WITH ME” is the closest to their classic, unmistakable sound. The tune was released alongside a music video reminiscent of their past works with goofy costumes meant to resemble punk legends The Ramones. The video spoofs The Ramones’ legendary “I Wanna Be Sedated” video with blink-182’s personal tongue-in-cheek twist. With blow-up dolls and over-dramatic looks, this little film is what the band is all about.

A jumpy guitar riff, thick bass and hard drums open the track, grasping listeners immediately. This opening sets up the song for lead singer, Tom Delonge’s, angsty vocals, making him sound more punk than ever with him shouting:

“Don’t think, maybe she won’t refuse /

She knows everything that I think /

That girl, prettiest I could lose /

My game’s shittiest it could be /

I’ve been waiting around to lose /

So dumb, trying to make believe /

You’re mine, what are you gonna do? /

Come here, do you want to come dance with me?”

The song is groovy, making listeners want to dance just like the title of the song suggests. It’s a straightforward song about eyeing a girl on a dance floor — not flashy, but catchy and sure to involuntarily stick in listeners’ heads. . The track is tight with great production and simple yet powerful guitar, bass and drums throughout. Blink-182 shines, still holding on to that youthful energy that may remind longtime listeners of their classic sound. 

A catchy chorus, hilarious music video and energy oozing out of the song make for another crisp classic. This tune goes back to blink-182’s roots — not taking themselves seriously and just having fun. Although many may criticize blink-182 for their simple lyrics, that’s what they do best. Blink-182 is at their best writing catchy, goofy pop-punk that is oftentimes relatable to listeners. Within their massive catalog, they have written about suicide, first dates, divorce and more. This song isn’t so deep but, instead, is more in line with the majority of their music. We all need a song to help us forget about life, to help us let loose. “DANCE WITH ME” is that song. 

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