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I’m not crying, you are | “ONE MORE TIME” by blink-182


Blink-182 has consistently been one of the most successful bands of the past few decades. Most recently, blink-182 has reformed their original line up of Tom Delonge, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker. The trio is widely known for their extensive catalog of classic pop-punk tunes, but their single “ONE MORE TIME” is a step away from that formula. I always feel the band is able to show off more of their talents when they write somber ballads, such as “ONE MORE TIME.” Songs like this show off great lyricism, storytelling and their versatility overall as musicians. 

Just from the first listen, the audience is drenched in emotion. “ONE MORE TIME” is a sentimental song telling the story of blink-182’s messy breakup to their eventual reunion. It tackles almost every event that has happened since the trio broke up in 2011, from Mark Hoppus being diagnosed with cancer to how Tom missed his friends. The song even pays homage to some of their past works with a direct reference to their hit, “I Miss You.” Starting with simple strumming of chords on an acoustic guitar Tom opens: 

Strangers, from strangers into brothers /

From brothers into strangers once again.”

There’s more to it, though; this may serve as a story for them, but it brings so much value to the listener. How many times in our lives have we drifted away from people we love? Life just gets in the way of that time we used to spend with our best friends, and it hurts. Sometimes we just want that “ONE MORE TIME” link-182 is talking about. Tom’s aged vocals sound beautiful over this soft and bare track. Mark Hoppus sounds just as great too, adding that classic blink-182 sound to the song. Their synergy just creates a beautiful harmony that chokes up listeners.

After every listen, I feel the need to reflect — think about the past, the good times. Should I reach out to those old pals from highschool?  It’s thought provoking, urging the listener to get those connections back or maybe just think about all those good times you’ve had. It is a reminder we are human and it is okay to grow apart, it is okay to drift away — life happens. Be happy for the moments you have shared with those you love, those people that were there for you in your darkest moments, and rejoice in the fact that it happened. 

All in all, blink-182 continues to prove they are more than pop-punk. They prove they can write more than tongue and cheek songs. Blink-182 are once in a lifetime talents who can make you laugh when you need it or write a ballad sure to make you cry. This track is sure to make longtime fans satisfied, while new listeners may enjoy the pure beauty and raw emotion of the track.

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