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Drowning in Chords and Lies | “Angry” by The Rolling Stones


Three years since their last release, The Rolling Stones announced their new album coming out this October: Hackney Diamonds. With over 60 years in the rock industry, the band is expected to maintain their leadership in the genre.

Their first single from the album, “Angry,” is an impactful choice. Playing off themes of intrigue and spite, the track reflects listeners’ anger as they impatiently anticipate the album drop. 

Right from the start of the song, “Angry” is a tease. With a rebellious nature, the song is adrenaline inducing. Mick Jagger whines and screams, asking for relief from the anger of a lover. The first four lines project this contradiction between his words and tone: 

“Don’t get angry with me /

I never caused you no pain /

I won’t be angry with you /

But I can’t see straight.” 

Even as he claims innocence while placing blame on his lover, Jagger is angry himself, saying he can’t even “see straight.” Hypocritically, he yells at his lover repeatedly: “Don’t get angry with me.” Backing vocals enhance the volume and strength of his words, so listeners are pulled into chanting with his venomous spit by the end of the song. 

This tone that Jagger strengthens through the song builds the listeners’ anger and adrenaline. Gaslighting, obsession and an amazing guitar solo —  the listener is drowned in cords and lies. 

“Angry” is a perfect union between Jagger’s whiny, raw vocals and punchy instrumentals. For their first new original song in three years, The Rolling Stones created a track that pays tribute to their iconic sound and is worthy of a listen. But if you end up disliking it, don’t get angry with me.  

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