Mortem Corp. Episode 1 – Olli

Tessa Kresch, Producer + Sound Designer

Mortem Corp Episode 1 – Olli, follows a 12 year old boy named Sean, navigating the Mortem Corp facilities on bring your kid to work day, February 23rd, 1984. This audio drama is fully written, produced, acted and sound designed by students at Michigan State University.

Written by Brooke Cousins & Taylor Nitz
Directed, produced, sound designed and casted by Tessa Kresch
Performed by Joie Culligan, Henry J, Bobby Conlan and Zach Deande
Special thanks to Lucas Nunn, Rob Roznowski, Libby Lussenhop, Jeremy Whiting and the entire Impact 89FM team.

Galaxy Shard by <a href=”″>Blue Dot Sessions</a>


Taylor Nitz – Writer
Brooke Cousins – Writer
Bobby Conlan – Sean
Joie Culligan – Nancy
Zach Deande – Olli
Tessa Kresch – Producer
Henry J – Michael