Unnecessary Roughness, 15-Yard Penalty | “Burfict!” by JPEGMAFIA and Danny Brown


LB Vontaze Burfict” by Navin75 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 .

Mike Merucci, Editorial Assistant

Former Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict is known as one of the dirtiest, hardest-hitting players in NFL history. Some point to his knocking out of former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown to be one of the main causes of Brown’s apparent mental and emotional descent. 


According to Timothy Gay, author of The Physics of Football, an NFL defensive back can produce 1,600 pounds of force with a tackle, and that’s just for a defensive back of NFL average speed and weight. Take a linebacker like Burfict, who, in his playing days, would have weighed about 50 pounds more than a typical defensive back, and you’d have even more force on top of that 1,600 pounds. 



Imagine taking a hit of that magnitude to the head. Well, JPEGMAFIA and Danny Brown’s “Burfict!” off their new album, SCARING THE HOES, does a rather decent job of recreating such a hit. Hell, it may as well wear Burfict’s number 55 as separate cover art: The beat is dirty; it certainly hits like the former linebacker. Someone needs to throw it out of the game for unnecessary roughness. 


Hopefully, “Burfict!” will be hitting mosh pits across the United States and the globe soon enough. Here at Michigan State, we were lucky enough to have opened the pit for Brown’s verse on March 28: I only wish for others to be partaking in the same. If you find yourself with “Burfict!” in a live setting any time soon, wear some pads, put in a mouthguard and prepare to be called for a 15-yard penalty.