An Apathetic Anthem | “Much Finer” by Le Tigre


Claudia Braesch, Writer/Volunteer

Some songs are so deeply relevant and incredibly apt that they can kill two birds with one stone and become anthems of March, not only as an ode to the gray skies and endless repetitive days, but also to Women’s History Month! 

Le Tigre’s “Much Finer” — a longtime favorite of mine — seems to fit oh so perfectly as a throwback to immerse oneself in women’s rights, and their wrongs. It is also perfect for dwelling in seasonal depression for the final weeks of winter.

“Much Finer” was released on Oct. 16, 2001, as part of Le Tigre’s sophomore album, Feminist Sweepstakes. “Much Finer” is an upbeat, danceable window into frontwoman Kathleen Hanna’s struggles with depression and Lyme disease. 

Hanna talk-sings the chorus:

“Do you want to stay in bed all day? (Yeah) /

Do you remember feeling any other way? (No).”

Hanna, throughout her career, has always had an uncanny ability to encapsulate the feelings of girlhood in their purest form, and with “Much Finer,” she’s also perfected my feelings as we enter April:

“I’ll make some coffee, put on some eyeliner /

I think I’ll find that things are fine /

And they’re gonna get much finer.”