Sum 2 Listen to | “Sum 2 do” by Yeat


Alex Bocchi, Writer/Volunteer

As someone who is very late to the Yeat hype, I never really understood it. I had always known of Yeat through his meme status online and the well-known Minions song “Rich Minion.” I never took him too seriously. I was inspired to listen to Yeat’s new album, AftërLyfe, after seeing some of the features, like Luh geeky and Krany Kranky, which were just himself. One night, I put it on while doing homework and had my “I get it” moment. The fast rage rapping from Yeat had me in a trance. 

Yeat’s lyrics are practically inaudible and the beats are so bizarre and goofy at times, but it just works. The whole album has some of the craziest production I’ve heard, with sounds ranging from those that could be out of a Tron soundtrack to those from a soft psychedelic rock ballad. 

The song “Sum 2 do” emphasizes the type of rapping you’ll hear throughout the record and takes it to another level. The song starts off with these aggressive flows that just keep building and going faster. Yeat sprinkles in some of the weirdest ad libs, and they never miss. Every time I listen to the song I hear a new ad lib that instantly trumps the last. One of the ad libs is just “Err, burp” and I love it. I would love to insert some lyrics here and dissect them, but even the people at Apple Music are having trouble with that: 

Overall, I appreciate this album for introducing me to Yeat. I started off the year telling my friends that the world needs less meme and unserious music, but Yeat has made me make an exception to the rule.