Exhalar | “Este Sentimiento” by Dariell Cano

Exhalar | “Este Sentimiento” by Dariell Cano

Gabby Nelson, Writer/Volunteer

The spring semester is in full swing. It’s the second week of classes, and professors aren’t joking around — they’re getting right to it. Does anyone else have papers due this week? On top of that, we’re surrounded by people again. Friend reunions are fun and dandy, but nothing gets the anxiety going like running into an ex or walking into a class and seeing that friend who ghosted you sitting in the front row. If you’re anything like me, you’ve been holding your breath this first week back on campus. 


“Este Sentimiento” by Dariell Cano is a reminder to exhale. This indie sierreño ballad slows down time with its calming melody. It feels like a reprieve from life’s fast pace. 



Cano is a 17-year-old, second-generation Mexican American living in a small town outside of Grand Rapids, Michigan, and his identity is infused into his music. Cano’s music is influenced from traditional norteño music, like Ariel Camacho y Los Plebes Del Rancho, by incorporating acoustic guitar and chord progressions inspired by regional Mexican music, like the most famous Am – G – F – E chord progression. His music is also influenced by his teenage experience. “Este Sentimiento” is a love song to someone who’s close to Cano but doesn’t know how he feels about them. 


Mis pensamientos /

Son mis secretos.”


Cano understands what it’s like to hold your breath in this type of situation, but this song is an invitation to exhale. You may feel like you’re trying to hold back a flood of emotions, but let them out. Slow down. Take a deep breath. Listen to “Este Sentimiento” by Dariell Cano and escape from the stress of the new semester.