Oh, To Fall in Love With Sarah Bonito | “STARSTUD” by Matt Watson feat. Sarah Bonito


Norene Bassin, Editor

There has yet to be an opportunity in my life where I have passed up the ability to recommend Matt Watson’s music to someone. While I have been obsessed with his YouTube channel SuperMega since 2016, his serious music projects only started in 2020. The brains behind SuperMega, Matt Watson and Ryan Magee, have cooked up comedic viral hits like “Blonde Boyz,” but Watson’s debut album, SEE YOU THERE, is art. I mean, I think “Blonde Boyz” is art as well, but it’s all subjective.

SEE YOU THERE is reminiscent of his EP OUCH! in many ways. His lo-fi bedroom pop sound has been pretty consistent, but the production quality of SEE YOU THERE is noticeably better. Along with greater variety between songs, where most of the songs on OUCH! sounded as if they could blend together, Matt’s improvement in creating music can be heard through the two features on the album: rapper/indie label head Father and America’s sweetheart, Sarah Bonito. In past episodes of the SuperMegaCast, Watson has referenced his love for Kero Kero Bonito on multiple occasions. So, as a fan, watching my favorite creator get to work with one of his favorite artists makes me so proud. 

“STARSTUD” is a lovely dream pop song about falling in love with both excitement and apprehension. Watson and Bonito sing about feeling so lucky to fall, but still feeling wary due to past experiences:


“Every single time that I’m falling in love /

I fall a little too hard and end up screwin’ it up /

And I got my fingers crossed that this stays the one /

And I promise not to break your heart, ’cause that ain’t no fun.”


The lyrics aren’t revolutionary by any means, but they don’t need to be. The point isn’t to make the listener dive deep into introspection. Music doesn’t have to change the world as we know it, sometimes just bringing people joy is enough. The story of the song revolves around the hope that new love brings; though one may not have the best history with it, there’s always optimism at the start:


“And I lay awake at night /

Wishing you were by my side /

And I know, I know, I know

I know this time will be alright.”


“STARSTUD” has been in my playlist since the day the single dropped. Add this song to your daily rotation for some danceable tunes and dreamy vocals.