Am I Enough For You? | “The Giver” by Sarah Kinsley

Am I Enough For You? | “The Giver” by Sarah Kinsley

Bella Short, Writer/Volunteer

Who knew a simple strum of a guitar and a smooth harmony could be so heartbreaking?


“The Giver” is a peaceful and emotional song by Sarah Kinsley. Kinsley’s voice and lyrics are so raw, they pull at my heartstrings. “The Giver” reminds me of the pain I’ve felt when being taken advantage of and not having the courage to say anything.


Kinsley’s newest single was released on Oct. 21 after she was inspired by a powerful poem she saw on TikTok. Many of Kinsley’s fans were dying to know who the song was about and when she responded on her Instagram story on Oct. 22 she said, “no one person in particular except for myself – my experiences ‘giving’ and feeling so drained by love – by men who use, who toy, who take. I think of the narrative as a collection of these moments I’ve returned to this feeling in my life – back again, being a giver once again.” 


Anyone can relate to this feeling of not being good enough or not being treated with the love you deserve; wearing your heart on your sleeve and people taking it and abusing it. I am sick of being a giver and never feeling loved enough. The lyrics are so heart-wrenching and Kinsley uses specific imagery that allows the listeners to not only feel but see what she is expressing.


“So we part our lips for the taking /

But if these lips could open they’d scream /

‘I wanna love you like I’m raining’ /

Like I don’t need saving.”


This verse makes me want to scream because the frustration in her voice is palpable as she begs to be loved. It reminds me of when I believed that person could change but they never did. They hurt you over and over again, and you keep forgiving them. Kinsley progressively gets louder throughout this verse, putting emphasis on “I wanna love you like I’m raining.” This line reminds me of one of those moments of running through the rain and racing your lover. And when you finally can’t catch your breath, you come together and start dancing then rest your head on their shoulder. Not caring if your clothes get soaked, if your makeup starts running or if your hair gets frizzy. Only caring about how free you feel with that one person — your person. 


To all the givers, this is a song for you to cry, scream and maybe even smile to. This song helps you heal and feel that you are not alone. It gives you hope that you will find someone who doesn’t take from you but will give you their love. Please remember that you deserve someone to be a giver to you. 


Thank you Sarah, for writing a piece that speaks exactly how I’ve felt for many years, and for giving me hope.