Playlist | Songs to Milk a Cow to


“Hand milking a cow” by State Library of South Australia is marked with CC BY 2.0.

Entertainment Team

Bring out your pail, bring out your stool, and get ready for the moo-ving sounds of this week’s playlist. Spanning every genre in the field and over six decades, this week we’re making sure that waking up at the break of dawn and goin’ down to the barn has a banging soundtrack. Things this playlist is good for: entering your Laura Ingalls Wilder era. Petting a cow on their soft lil nose. Being an eight-year-old at the county fair’s farm exhibit. Staring at the sunset and asking why she gone done you wrong. Wearing a bedazzled cowboy outfit and singing a little song with your band that is also wearing bedazzled cowboy outfits. Exploring the trials and tribulations of being a rodeo star. Pondering the scary amounts of greenhouse gasses the cattle industry puts into the atmosphere. Realizing just how many songs out there have the word milk in the title. Or, just sitting down and giving that ole’ udder a squeeze. Here’s to being prepared the next time you find yourself milking a cow. So Yee, and by God, Haw.