The State – 03/24/22

Rachel Fulton

Where in East Lansing did St. Patrick’s Day crime occur? We mapped it out to see

St. Patrick’s Day is one of the most notorious holidays of the year for Michigan State University, as with many schools on the eastern half of the United States. Students are often seen skipping class and lining the streets early in the morning, dressed in their wardrobes that are conveniently already green.

St. Patrick’s Day 2022 was no exception, with calls for service through Thursday, March 17 to Sunday, March 20 equalling 665 calls, including to East Lansing Fire Department and four local police departments.

There were 14 substance-related calls over St. Patrick’s Day weekend — just above 2% of the total.

A vast majority of these were focused in downtown East Lansing, in the vicinity of bars. The exception to this trend were “Operating under the influence” calls, with two taking place at least a mile from the area.

Gathering related calls, which include both noise and party complaints, made up the bulk of St. Patty’s-related calls throughout the weekend.

East Lansing Police Department Chad Pride said that noise complaints are to be expected on the holiday, but he noticed more fellow students calling them this year, as compared to other East Lansing residents.

Calls for altercation-related crimes over the holiday weekend included 11 fights, three assault complaints and one incident involving a weapon.

Like substance-related calls, a majority of these were focused downtown and heavily slanted towards the bars near the west end of Albert Street.

Exceptions occurred, though, with four fights and one assault complaint being present in various residential areas in East Lansing.

Movies by and about women to watch this Women’s History Month

In honor of Women’s History Month, Amalia Medina decided to compile a list of films directed/written by women that center around female characters. And this was actually quite harder than she anticipated.

Although these movies had female representation that was far superior to said representation in movies written by men, she still ran into some issues.

As Medina looked through countless lists of movies by and about women, she found that so many of them — especially movies about women of color — focused on female pain and suffering.

Although she was able to find a few happier movies, it was difficult to find those for a diverse group of women. It is incredibly important to portray the struggles that women — especially women of color — go through in film, but Medina wished there were more movies that you all could enjoy, since it is exhausting to watch female suffering at the hands of men on screen over and over.

But then again, maybe it’s impossible to separate women from this pain, as it is something we all have to endure.

That being said, she still believes all the movies on this list are must-sees. Laugh and cry and then have an existential crisis over what it means to be a woman. But most of all, enjoy.

These include, Real Women Have Curves (2002), Lady Bird (2017), Portrait of a Lady on Fire (2019), The Forty-Year-Old Version (2020), Shiva Baby (2020), Girlhood (2014), For Sama (2019), and The Lost Daughter (2021), which can all be found on

Michigan State softball blanks Central Michigan 8-0

Michigan State softball took the victory over Central Michigan on Tuesday afternoon at Secchia Stadium, 8-0.

Sophomore Ashley Miller pitched until the 6th inning, finishing her day with no runs given, five strikeouts and only four hits allowed until junior Sarah Ladd subbed in.

The Spartans will play this weekend in Evanston, Illinois in their first Big Ten series of the year.

Based on original reporting by Drew Goretzka, Amalie Medina and Melanie Soverinsky. Script by Shakyra Mabone.