The State – 03/23/22

Rachel Fulton

Michigan State University holds no direct Russian investments

While the state of Michigan and other universities like the University of Michigan are divesting from direct Russian investments, MSU will not have to divest.

According to Deputy Spokesperson Dan Olsen, MSU does not directly hold any Russian equity, Russian sovereign debt or Russian rubles.

MSU does hold hedge fund and private equity portfolios which are run by fund managers who run stock picks, but MSU has not found significant investments in Russia.

Chair of the Budget and Finance Committee for the Board of Trustees, Melanie Foster, said some members worked with Chief Investment Officer Phillip Zecher to ensure oversight of the university endowment.

President Samuel L. Stanley Jr. also sent a letter of support to the Spartan community, emphasizing other actions MSU leaders are taking.

Foster said the decision to investigate and ensure MSU holds no significant exposure to Russian investments was fundamentally import.

Behind The Photos: ‘Stand with Ukraine’ rally at the Michigan State Capitol

Lansing’s members of the Ukrainian community and allies of the cause gathered at the Michigan State Capitol on March 20 for the ‘Stand with Ukraine’ rally.

Attendees went not only to listen to speakers and gain knowledge of the ongoing war in Ukraine, but to share their own stories as well.

Among them was Yuri Tomkiw, President of the Michigan State Ukrainian Student Organization.

Tomkiw said he wanted people to educate themselves on the situation and to understand that while it is Ukraine that is suffering now, this isn’t just a Ukrainian issue.

Senator Debbie Stabenow spoke at the rally. Stabenow has been in multiple meetings with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in the past weeks and pledged to continue to find ways to support Ukraine during this time.

2022 MSU hockey commit Gavin Best looks to help return the program to its glory days

Gavin Best is a forward from the great hockey state of Minnesota. Instead of sticking to one of the multiple division one hockey programs in his home state, Best decided to take his talents to Michigan State.

From a college student’s standpoint, Best wanted a “Big Ten feel,” with a large community and a sprawling campus.

From a hockey player’s standpoint, Michigan State’s resources provide ample opportunity for growth.

Best said “With the staff, the resources and facilities they have, I think that that’s a huge advantage.”

“They will allow me to reach my full potential more than any other place that I could’ve gone.”

Based on original reporting by Morgan Womack, Devin Anderson-Torrez and Alex Faber. Script by Shakyra Mabone.