The State – 03/18/22

Rachel Fulton

College Media Madness-Help The State News win a championship

This year, The State News is participating in The Daily Orange’s College Media Madness, a fundraising tournament centered around the NCAA Tournament.

The State News is going directly head to head with 40 other student media outlets, including The Michigan Daily, to see who can raise the most donations for their paper over the course of the month of March.

Not only will donations help The State News win College Media Madness, but these donations will go right back into helping the paper continue to produce hard-hitting and informative journalism that The State News has provided for 113 years on MSU’s campus, the city of East Lansing, the sports of Spartan Nation and student culture.

Kenneth Walker III begins his final path to the draft, offers his farewell to Michigan State

When running back Kenneth Walker III entered the transfer portal and soon landed at Michigan State one year ago, he didn’t envision himself being where he was Wednesday.

He stood in front of a swarm of reporters offering his final remarks as a Spartan succeeding a limited participation in Michigan State’s Pro Day.

He wasn’t limited because he was injured nor because he was a longshot to be selected at the NFL Draft. He was limited due to an excellent showing at the scouting combine two weeks prior.

Lots of records and expectations were shattered last fall with Walker at the forefront. He was named the Walter Camp National Player of the Year, Big Ten Running Back of the Year, a recipient of the Doak Walker Award and finished sixth in Heisman Trophy voting while placing top in the nation in numerous rushing records.

Now, he’s penciled in to begin a new MSU streak, becoming the first Spartan drafted to the NFL in two years after the 80-year streak was broken last spring.

Walker completed one of the major steps of the draft process along with 14 others at MSU’s Pro Day, highlighting his agility and elusiveness.

Graduating seniors prepare to enter the workforce as college years come to an end

Only two months until this semester’s graduating seniors begin their lives after college — may that entail joining the workforce or pursuing a postgraduate degree.

Entering the workforce is scary, and finding jobs that will bring one joy and a livable salary can be overwhelming, and students don’t want to feel as though they are settling.

However, it is not always the case that the job you get right after college will be your forever job. Some people do not even work in the same field or choose to pursue a higher, even different degree in the future.

While in college, many students pursue an internship in a related field that helps determine where they want to work and helps build their resume.

This does not guarantee that one will land a job in that field or even that company.

Based on original reporting by Eli McKown, Sam Sklar, Mariam Hanna. Script by Shakyra Mabone.