The State – 02/22/22

Rachel Fulton

With COVID-19 on the decline, Ingham County waves goodbye to educational mask mandates

On Feb. 19, the mandate requiring masks in educational institutions was lifted in Ingham county.

According to Ingham county health officer Linda Vail more people in the county have received the vaccine, resulting in the reports of significant low numbers of COVID-19.

Cases have dropped by 78% in the last two weeks, and hospitalizations due to Covid-19 have declined by 34.2%. As of now, Michigan state’s mask mandate will stay in place in classrooms and university-owned buildings.

Residents of Ingham county wonder if the community and students are ready for the updated mask mandate regarding their responsibilities on their safety.

If cases continue to fall throughout spring semester, other COVID-19 mandates may end if masking continues.

The fashion at MSU’s Honors College Ball was out of this world

Last weekend, students of Michigan State’s Honors College left many starstruck with their out of this world fashion.

The space-themed ball found students inspired by 50s housewives, HBO Max’s “Euphoria” and their own cultures to turn out intergalactic looks.

Students such as, first year anthropology and economics student Emma Nicolaysen wore a powdered blue vintage dress borrowed from her roommate with a pair of converse wedges.

Another first year student, defined his style aesthetic and simple. His outfit was inspired by themes of the hit show “Euphoria” as he wore esque-star based makeup, with subtle gold hoops and rings.

Two freshmen students represented black history month by wearing a deep wine traditional Ghanian colored shirt and an African Kimono draped over a ruffled blouse.

The Honors College ball was full of fashion and they knew what dress for success meant.

Michigan State women’s tennis continues on hot streak, wins 5th straight 

Michigan State women’s tennis won their fifth match in a row at a home-court match against Eastern Michigan over the weekend.

The in-state competitors were defending their own four-match streak which the Spartans easily defeated, 6-1.

Coach Kim Bruno stated that it’s not easy to win, no matter who they’re playing and the girls have done their duty to win.

The doubles point was easily taken with new doubles pairing Junior Tia Mukherjee and grad student Mary Lewis who ended their match with 6-3.

Mukherjee competed in singles for her first dual match of the season. Mukherjee scored a 6-3 in the first set and 6-0 in the second against Eastern Michigan’s sophomore Emma Lou Pommiers.

Even though the Spartans win looked so smooth, they will still need more improvements for their next match in order to stay focus with their winning streak as they go against Bowling Green on Saturday.

Based on original reporting by Claire Grant and Raenu Charles. Script by Shakyra Mabone