A Little Murder, a Little Hard Rock | “K.M.B” by Nova Twins

A Little Murder, a Little Hard Rock | K.M.B by Nova Twins

Aidan Walsh, Writer/Volunteer

Well, maybe a lot of murder, since K.M.B. allegedly stands for “killed my boyfriend.” Still, rock duo Nova Twins’ latest outing demonstrates an awesome mix of rhythmic lyricism and sharp instrumentals as a lead up to their upcoming album “Supernova.” A wicked concoction that combines revenge fantasy and a sort of heavy rock, riot grrrl sound, “K.M.B.” is a powerful track with epic replay potential. 

Admittedly, my own familiarity with Nova Twins was rather limited before this run in. However it didn’t take much for me to fall in love with the English duo’s heavy alt and rap rock stylings. “K.M.B.” is a masterclass in mixing genres on a single song, with flavors of punk, metal and rap seamlessly seasoning the number and giving it some serious character.

I highly recommend watching the song’s music video, which features several revenge murders, with bassist Georgia South and vocalist Amy Love providing a hotline service to cover them up. It’s a brilliant backing to the song’s deliciously sinister lyrics:

“Get my fucking crowbar /

Take you to the graveyard /

Bitch you think you’re so hard /

I say when it’s over.”

The song is both a cautionary tale to unfaithful partners and a message of empowerment for their victims. Latent with raw alternative song power, “K.M.B.” serves well to reinvent a very ‘90s sound which switches between fast verse and a deliberate, bass-backed, head-banger chorus. 

In fact, South’s work on the bass for this song is probably my favorite part. Deep and prominent, it weaves all through the track without dominating the overall sound. I particularly like the lead in to the song, at first mischievous and melodically plucking. Then, as Love launches into the first verse, the bass drops an octave to adapt a far more menacing mood. Shivers down my spine.

“K.M.B.” is an atmospheric, energy driven song, and above all it’s just a really fun listen. Fans of Nova Twins should be very excited if it’s any indication for what to expect on the upcoming album, set to release June 17.