The State – 02/07/22

Rachel Fulton

MSU Students Share Mental Health, Financial Struggles Onset by Delay in Financial Aid

Roughly 60% of the undergraduate class at MSU relies on aid for the over $14,000 in tuition fees every year.

However, delays in the release of these funds to students can cause major issues with finances and mental health.

For example, stress waves through students as they have concerns that financial aid will go through or be adjusted at the last minute.

A criminal justice student said financial aid did not give any warning before adjusting their funds.

With financial aid eliminating or adjusting funds without any communication, some students had to leave for a semester.

Due to the Student Information System known as SIS, financial aid is not being distributed to students, which also created a problem in the past.

MSU spokesperson Dan Olsen said students will not be dis-enrolled or hit with late fees over missing payments.

Students had a hard time getting in contact with financial aid representatives and expressed the office should have easy access through its website.

Students React to in Person Classes During Snowstorm

Last Wednesday’s snowstorm caused many Michigan State professors to move in-person classes online for the day, while some cancelled them altogether.

Other classes were held in-person as normal.

Students expressed their concerns for attending in-person class with the reduced transportation schedules on campus.

Majority of students said that they have at least one class online out of many classes that are required to be in person.

A student questioned why some classes could switch to online for the day while others didn’t have the option to switch?

Another student pointed out that class during the storm is excessive and zoom is an option.

Students also expressed that some of their professors were being inconsiderate and disregard students and their transportation issues.

Most students couldn’t pull out of their driveway because of the snow. Others slid on ice while walking or driving.

MSU vs. Rutgers

The roller coaster that is Michigan State Men’s Basketball continues as the Spartans fell to Rutgers, 83-64 on Saturday afternoon.

The Scarlet Knights were firing on all cylinders on offense as the Spartans struggled to keep pace in the second half.

Gabe Brown, senior forward, led the Spartans by scoring 20 points in an effort while senior center, Marcus Bingham Jr. contributed 12 points.

The game’s familiar frustration carried on for Michigan State as they turned the ball over 15 times.

The Scarlet Knights’ forward, Dean Reiber, wide open three pointer, locked a career high and peaked to another 8-0 run to make 58-47 with a swift movement and gave joy to Rutgers.

With that, the Spartans struggled after all with defense, turnovers, and running sets out of their half-court defense.

Based on original reporting by Claire Grant, Maddy Warren, and Sean Reider. Script by Shakyra Mabone.