Top 5 Albums of 2021: Delaney Rogers


Delaney Rogers

As we wrap up the year, we’re sharing some of our staff members’ favorite albums of the year. Here’s Delaney Rogers’ list.

5. Tai Verdes – TV

I remember a bit before quarantine, I heard one of Tai Verdes’s songs and listened to it multiple times a day. It brought so much good energy. When he released TV, that same energy carried over. It has fun and light hearted instrumentals. It’s a heavy rotation of mine and always seems to put me in a better mood.

4. Greta Van Fleet – The Battle at Garden’s Gate

This album makes me go absolutely feral…whenever it comes on my roommates and I have to stop everything we are doing to scream whatever song is playing. It feels liberating and is very well done. And it’s also really cool they are Michigan artists!

3. Liam Rogers – One Among

Of course, I have to put my brother’s album in my top 5 albums of the year. This album shows the growth Liam has had from his first EP in 2017, along with the evolution of who he has become. This album quite literally makes me cry every single time I hear it. It’s one of the most raw, genuine and comforting albums I have ever listened too. It brings up very heavy topics of mental health along with embracing who you are/the energy we give off as humans. The melodies and unique use of instruments and noises in this album are truly beautiful.

2. Bo Burnham – Inside

I truly cannot say how many times I have played this album since ‘Inside’ came out on Netflix. The songs range from irony, satire and vulnerability – it’s become a comfort album that I often fall back into. It also highlights both the heavy and good emotions that surfaced over quarantine, which I thought was really special.

1. Bleachers – Take the Sadness Out of Saturday Night

Bleachers is one of my favorite artists that I can confidently say anytime a song comes on, I will roll down all my windows (even if it’s winter) and scream the lyrics. The use of repeating themes among songs is very cool and the variety of instruments always appear to be a very intentional tool to add to the themes. This album all the way through genuinely makes me want to either dance or go romanticize the little things in life – O would pick it to be my life soundtrack if i could. ‘Chinatown’ on the album ft. Bruce Springsteen is one of my all time favorite songs on this album, and in general.

You can listen to Delaney’s entire Top 5 Albums of 2021 playlist below.